IT-RO | Italia Rotazionale

IT-RO, Italia Rotazionale, is the promoter of the new website RotoDesign


The association IT-RO was founded in November 2013 by companies linked to the world of rotational moulding.

Moulders, suppliers of machinery, equipment, raw materials and accessories, and consultants for rotational moulding met and decided to create an association to bring them together and provide a focal point forpromoting and developingthis technology.

IT-RO’s objectives are: to enhance the knowledge of rotational moulding in all its facets (from raw materials through moulds and machinery to equipment and accessories); and to promote our technology and encourage the development of products mouldable using rotational technology.

IT-RO organises meetings where participants can discuss issues related to the moulding process, problem solving, and innovations. We also organise training seminars for the sector’s operators, where appropriate inviting world-renowned speakers.

We also aim to encourage and support collaboration amongst members. IT-RO wants to represent all our members and provide them with services such as development of international contacts, participation in international exhibitions, research and industrial studies.


Last but definitely not least, IT-RO wants to pay special attention to promoting and teaching rotational moulding to schools and further education students, with courses on rotational moulding, to introduce young people to this technology that is still not widespread, but has great potential.



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